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25 January
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my earliest childhood memory is falling flat on my face.
i had just gotten up from a cold medicine enduced nap and went in search of one or the both of my parents. i steped lively from our shag carpeted living room into our linoleum tiled kitchen. and then BAM! nose to floor. i started crying. and looking back at that early tramatic experience i realize, that i wasn't crying cause it hurt (although i'm sure it did). i was crying cause even at 2 years old, i knew i was just too stupid to stop myself with my hands. if i had put out my arms and caught the floor with my palms i wouldn't have hurt my face, but i didn't.

everything else since just seems like the same thing.

and actually, thinking back, the second memory i have is falling backwards down a flight of stairs. on the upside though, thats the one time in my life i was able to do a backwards summersault.

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